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Welcome to Protein for Peace – a grassroots global initiative that’s growing healthier relationships between crop farmers, livestock producers, and ecosystems. Progress starts where the food system begins: The Seed and the Feed.  The outcomes include farmers replacing billions in feed sales lost to synthetic substitutes, healthier, more productive livestock, ecosystem protection, and more power to fight malnutrition. We invite everyone to learn more, and join the cause.

How Protein for Peace Works

  1. Reverse the decline in commodity soybean protein and maximize nutrient value through informed seed selection.
  2. Prioritize natural livestock feed over synthetic substitutes to make livestock healthier and more productive, with reduced CO2 and nitrogen.
  3. Use high-protein co-products from biofuel plants to supplement nutrition where people need help the most.
  4. Measure crop, livestock, and ecosystem outcomes using livestock diets.
  5. Deploy science, education and infrastructure resources to accelerate shared success across barnyards, borders and boardrooms.

By embracing high-protein natural feed, we not only enhance livestock growth performance but also significantly reduce CO2 and nitrogen emissions compared to synthetic alternatives. Additionally, high-protein co-products from biofuel plants offer a promising solution to help food teams fight malnutrition and reduce scope 3 emissions at the same time.

To power this green revolution, it’s vitally important to rally farmers, consumers, government and NGO leaders join this cause.  Let’s work together to prioritize natural livestock feed over synthetic substitutes, protect local ecosystems, and expedite nutrition aid to the world’s most vulnerable people.

Join us in our mission for a healthier, happier planet

To learn more or volunteer, visit ProActivism.com today.
Together, we can make a difference!